Forerunner in LED Assembly with new AOI Solution

Customers and business partners know Tepcomp Finland for its technical expertise on LED and EMS Services. The company was among the first to commence an innovative product development and manufacturing programme, back in 1997.

Tepcomp is a forerunner in LED technology
The company is one of the few Finnish companies which has been approved by the international LED Light for You network and Zhaga Consortium. We cooperate closely with all well-known LED manufacturers. Our product development and design team participate in LED projects to ensure that every detail is in place with the end product. The LED product design service incorporates product concept, electronics and heat sink design. Optical and mechanical design is performed in conjunction with a network of best expertise in the field. Our product manufacturing service encompasses everything from materials acquisition to final product testing and packaging.

The LED product manufacturing utilises state-of-the-art machinery, which is suitable for production of various volumes. Due to our finely-tuned production process, we can handle exceptionally high product volumes, by Finnish standards.

To further improve the quality and to ensure this process Tepcomp has invested in a new AOI Optical Inspection Island Solution from SMTHOUSE in their Estonian factory.

The total solution includes an Inline AOI Systems combined with Loaders and Unloaders and a directly linked Repair station, SPC and offline programming package.