About us and Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most flexible renting solutions for the Electronic Manufacturing Industry to help our customers stay competitve.

SMT-Renting is a financing company specialized in renting solutions with SMT Equipment for the Electronic Manufacturing Industry founded in 2015 by our CEO Ole Thers.

With over 30 years of experience in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry SMT-Renting have a unique in-depth know-how about the electronic production equipment market.

This allows us to tailor a unique and flexible financing solution for your company that includes service and technical benefits that are incomparable with traditional Leasing & Bank financing models.

We are global but local, and we deliver our services in all countries. We use our own team to cover our customers, but if we don’t have our own team in the country we work closely together with the OEM and their local agents.

Hear the interview with CEO Ole Thers, about the unique and flexible financing.