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SMT Renting Single Equipment

SiPlace D4, S & X Feeder

Build 2007, fully refurbished.head config 4 x RV12, camera type #29 & #28.

SMT Renting Single Equipment

SiPlace D2, S Feeder

Build 2009, Head Config: CP12 + CP12, Camera type: #28 & #28

Mirae Mx400L Pick & Place

Vintage 2010
42.000 CpH IPC
Board transport 680 x 460
Board support
Automatic board width adjustment
System controller
Transport controller
6 Heads + 6 Heads
Operating touch screen 15’’ and service keyboard

Mirae Mx400L Feeders

Mirae C-Feeder package:
56 x 8mm 4mm pitch
3 x 8mm 2mm pitch
10 x 12mm
2 x 16mm
5 x 24mm
3 x 44mm


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