Premium Line is for those of you who wants to
produce on the latest technology.

SMT Premium LIne

Premium Line

SMT Renting offer complete SMT Lines for every need and every budget. Depending on your current and future needs we can configure your line and give you the flexibility to grow and adapt your protection lines to changing needs.

Configured items

  • Screen Printer, SPI, P&P, Reflow, 3D AOI & Board Handling
  • 200 pcs. Feeder package / 20 Tray Auto Changer
  • Full Software Package incl. Traceability

Main specification of the line

  • Output: 80.000 CpH. / IPC 55.000 CpH.
  • Component size: 0201 – 70x70mm (150x50mm) 25H
  • Best accuracy: 35 micron

From 11.750,- Euro per month.

For more information about renting and prices, please press the button and fill out the form. Then we contact you within 3 working days (the price is for 60 months renting).