Fully Automatic AOI Solution for highly flexible Production Environment

Automation of AOI for a high flexible production environment demands other set ups than full inline integrated AOI systems. At Ouman Estonia OÜ (formerly Enerpoint Saare OÜ), a Finnish/Estonian EMS company – a new concept have been set up in close cooperation with SMT House, Finland.

Enerpoint is a leading company in Northern Europe focused on control systems for the building industry, temperature regulation and LED solutions. The company was founded in 1980 in Rauma and currently offers design and manufacturing services from Rauma, Kuressaare and Göteborg and serves customers in Scandinavia, Middle Europe, Russia and even China.

With a production capacity of over 1’000’000 PCB’s in 800 different board types and up to 30 new products per year demanded a new, highly flexible concept for AOI inspection. After verifying a wide range of possible manufacturers and providers of AOI systems, the chance was given to SMT House to develop a fully automatic, nevertheless stand alone inspection solution.

Programming is easy, fast and can be learned in a very short time. The provided installation and training support as well as the technical skill of SMTH engineers helped Enerpoint to get system into the production within a short time.

Consisting of automatic PCB loader, inline MEK/Marantz AOI with attached rework conveyor and an automatic PCB unloader allows continuous inspection directly integrated rework solution for Ouman. If needed, necessary rework work can either be done directly on the inspection line, or defective PCB’s can be taken out for further action to a separate location. The combination of the different systems and the set up as a batch and not inline system, allows an automatic solution for small to midsize board batches. Operator handling is reduced to a minimum which saves production costs.

According to Rando Kubits (General Manager) of Ouman Estonia OÜ installed AOI solution improved the quality of their production immediately and helped to separate themselves from their competitors.