LED PCB 1500 mm at full speed by Tommerup Electronics

Tommerup is a successful EMS & OEM manufacture with production in Denmark. They have in-house design, development, NPI and production as well as total box build. With 3 SMT Lines and all technologies in-house, Tommerup has a lot to offer.

The latest line is the Competitive line from SMT House, which as well has the possibility to produce a LED board up to 1500 mm. The Competitive line has doubled their capacity and handles all types of components from small to big.

The secret of our production in Denmark is technology and making sure we have automated our production in the best possible way in combination with the knowledge and loyalty from our employees, says the CEO Ole Larsen.

Tommerup Electronics has been in the electronics lighting business for more than 25 years, and knows what it takes to stay ahead and be competitive. LED business is moving fast and we need to be able to manufacture new developments for our self and our customers.

Staying competitive is many thing in electronics world. We need to be able to handle different technologies, manufacture faster while keeping the quality high. All at the same time we need to have a lower running cost.

With the new SMT investment we managed to do all of that, and have reduced our cost significantly.

Our customers find us more attractive, and we can compete with Asia. Of course, we also like to keep the jobs here locally, finishes CEO Ole Larsen.