High Tech Production Line for leading Hearing Solution Manufacturer

GN ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users.

The secret of our production in Denmark is high-tech robotic technology that simply has transformed in to jobs. About ten years ago you would see employees with tweezers and microscopes mounting chip – the brain of the hearing aid – by hand. Today we produce three times as much with robotics. At the same time, we have employed about 10 per cent more people, savs Elvin Solberg, CTO of GN ReSound.

GN ReSound has been in the hearing aid / microelectronics business since 1943, and know what it takes to stay ahead. The Danish factory of GN Resound has invested heavily into the electronics manufacturing facility and production platforms for SMD and Die Placement. The company lives in a world where placement accuracy & speed is an important factor. New Technologies are coming and can be fulfilled with the Hybrid Machine platform from K&S. Seeing the machines in operation at the K&S demo center in Holland led to the final decision.

Staying competitive is key in electronics manufacturing, and the word “Cost of Ownership” is one of the terms often used when comparing machine solutions. We have been manufacturing on another SMT platform in the past, but our decision to producing on the K&S Hybrid platform, is due where technology is taking us, and total cost of ownership, says Elvin Solberg.

The service & support together with the initial investment, and upgrade investment is simply easier and cost much less. But even more important, our running cost have been reduced significantly. We must to stay ahead and at the same time we like to keep our production in Denmark, all of this had a big impact on our decision and choosing the right partner for GN Hearing, says Elvin Solberg.